About Uthingo

In 2004 UTHINGO ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES was established with the objective of supplying a technical service, support and product range to industry, mining and governmental departments.
Our main function is the construction of package sewage plants and potable water plants that are economical, easy to operate and mainly in the design and construction of plants that are self reliant and will function, within the designed capacity indefinitely. The plants are designed that modular additions can be added to accommodate for the increase in population. The plants are designed to allow for maintenance should it be required. The sewage is treated biologically to ensure the complete breakdown thus eliminating the build up of sludge. The final water is treated chemically to ensure that the released water is within the required specifications for the particular area. This final water is also ready for treatment as potable water or for re-cycling.

For the above purpose we offer a package deal whereby we construct potable water plants to accommodate the requirements.
In order to maintain an effective sewage plant, it is important that one uses environmental acceptable cleaners and degreasers around the home. We are able to offer the entire range and assure our clients of the safety of our products as they are manufactured under certification to various organisations that in turn monitor the chemicals used in the process. Various products are manufactured according to the SABS standards and the products are continually checked by the research and development department.
Further to the above we offer our services with the specific idea in maintaining a total environmental acceptable control for our customers.

Such as:
• Implementation of environmental control of the work place
• Control of final water effluents
• Control of hazardous materials
• Training in these controls
• Hazardous spill clean ups
• Soil remediation
• Supply of enviro cleaners and degreasers
• Supply of natural aqua nutrients
• Supply of biological agricultural products
• Supply of biological oil control products and absorbents
• Design and construction of submerged, aerated and return activated sludge package sewage plants
• Design and construction of portable water plants
• Design and construction of civil works


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